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14-year-old Mpumalanga boy who got 7 distinctions killed by a lion while heading cattle


The 14-year-old genius from Mpumalanga who got seven distinctions is dead.

The young fellow was killed by a lion that was on the loose after escaping while in transit from Kruger National  Park to Pretoria Zoo.

The Department of education is planning to finance the young fellow’s funeral.

Yesterday national news bulletin reported a story about Thabo.

Despite the fact that Thabo Mnisi from Numbi in Mpumalanga had to take care of his father’s cattle in the early ours of every morning and in the afternoons, he managed to break records by becoming the youngest matriculant in the Mpumalanga province and got distinctions on all the subjects he took.

Thabo, who started primary school when he was only 5 and high school when he was 9, achieved distinctions for all seven subjects that he took.


He described his journey as a very difficult one as he always had to wake up at four in the morning everyday because of his chores and the fact that he stays 15km away from school, Lungisani Combined School.

“I used to study out in the fields while taking care of my father’s cattle. I remember one time I had to fight a python that was trying to eat my father’s cattle while I was studying, I killed it. ” Thabo said.

Thabo’s father says he is very proud of his son’s achievements and revealed that all this came because he encouraged  him to work hard and not have too many friends.

Thabo says he always wanted to be an IT Specialist but he is however this year and next year not planning to go to Varsity as his father still needs him to take care of his cattle