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3 poachers stomped to death by a group of rhinos


A Ranger in a game reserve near Hoedspruit, Limpopo reported discovering 3 dead bodies during his morning routine patrol.

Two rifles were discovered near the dead bodies, a dead rhino which had a horn missing already was found a few metres from the dead bodies. According to the ranger a group of rhinos was still lingering around the one that had been killed.

Two of the rhinos that were involved in the stomping of the poachers suffered multiple gun shots. “It appears that when the rhinos started charging towards the poachers they opened fire and shot the rhinos all over but they rhinos did not stop and finally reached the poachers and started stomping them”. Said Jan the ranger.

“We’re assuming it was more than 3 poachers because the missing horn is nowhere to be found, we believe the others were able to escape and to the horn with them”. Jan said this is the first poaching in the area this year and he is amazed at how the rhinos fought off the poachers.



The 3 dead bodies were taken to a government mortuary. As of yet the bodies are not identified. Two of them are black and one is white.