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5 man arrested for robbing school kids of their lunch boxes in Atteridgeville


Five suspects were arrested in Atteridgeville this morning after they robbed 15 primary school kids who attend at Isaac More primary school. The robbers only took lunch boxes from the children.

The robbers were arrested a few metres from the school sleeping, empty lunch boxes scattered around. Apparently they were so full and couldn’t even run.

They pointed knives at us and told us to hand them our lunch boxes, robbers take money and phones but these guys only wanted food

Said one of the young victims who said she thought it was a joke. “They look drunk and one was smoking something, I’ve never seen something like that before”

Police spokesperson said the five thugs will be dealt with accordingly. “They will learn to stay away from children and schools with their criminal minds, we have zero tolerance to criminal activities near school grounds”


A small amount of nyaupe was found in one of the robber’s pocket. “If you are found in possession of illegal substances near a school that’s bad news by itself so if you rob kids while high and still in possession of illegal substance you’re in much deeper shit”

The robbers will appear in court next monday with charges of armed robbery, and possession of illegal substances.