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60% of South African drivers did not written and field driving test according to a new survey


The Hawks had nabbed a few corrupt officials in some of South African traffic department offices. The rules is barely followed and people are paying a lot of money just to have a driver’s license.

A recently conducted online survey on which over 100 000 participants across the country took part revealed a very said reality.

50% of people who were interviewed said they never bother to study for the learners test, They just paid an amount of money via their driving instructor and got the learners license. Many of this people said the reason they did this was because they were intimidated and told no body passes those test and everybody is paying.

20% wrote their own test but the official helped them with the answers and the same payment corrupt method was used. In over 90% of the bribery method the was no direct payment or discussion between the learner and the official they’re linked by the driving instructor.


We learned that the driving instructor who does not bribe officials will hardly have passing students. The standard price for learners test is R2000 and 2100 for final test.

60% of learners admitted they made serious mistakes during field test but passed because of bribe. Apparently if you made a serious mistake while in the testing grounds and they are witnessed you get a refund and book again. If you made it to the road you’re a winner because the official will literally drive for you or tell you to pack somewhere and you will drive back in appropriate test time.

So this simply mean the majority of South African drivers got their license in a dirty way.