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67 years old man who goes back to grade 6 kicked out of school for molesting children and winking at female teachers


The old madala who made headlines when he decided to go back to grade 6 got kicked out of school for being a pervert and molesting 11-year-old girls.

According to the school management the old man was trouble since day one. The female teachers had reported that he winks at them and make sexual gestures whenever they made eye contact. As if that’s not enough he uses their first name when he calls them.

“The whole school calls me Mrs Malatji but the 67-year-old student calls me Portia, He even gives very appropriate compliments like nice pantyhose”. Said a very angry female teacher who said she feel disrespected.

Male teacher are also mad at the old student and can’t take anymore of the disrespect. “He calls me Bafana and ask me to give the class a little break for fresh air during my lesson so he can bum a smoke”. Said a furious male teacher. “He need to go to ABET here we teach kids not grandparents”

Rumor has it that he tease kids by saying his SASSA grant is way much bigger than theirs. Other kids said he also said he is only coming to school for food.


After the teachers caught him molesting three 11-year-old girls he told them to leave him alone and that they are jealous of him because girls love him.

It was later discovered the old man had a history of mental illness when the school and parents tried to open a case against him.