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ANC supporter burned a DA supporter house for allegedly making jokes about Zuma


You would think people in the suburbs are more civilized, wait until you hear what happened in Featherbrooke estate.

A 49-year-old ANC supporter petrol bombed his neighbor’s house because she allegedly make jokes about Jacob Zuma. Alfred Khoza a well-known former tender entrepreneur was arrested this morning after he was caught on CCTV throwing a petrol bomb into his neighbor’s house a day ago. No one suspected Alfred until a neighbor who lives on the other side of the street came up with a video proof showing Mr Khoza throwing a petrol bomb in the house just an hour after the owner and her two children left the house for work and school.

Miss Leon the owner of the burned house who is a single mother and a business women said she was shocked by the incident and she never suspected that a person like Alfred could burn down her house. “Our children play together and we have never had an argument before, the only difference between us is that I support the DA and he support the ANC. During election times we run little campaigns in the neighborhood but we respect each other”



Mr Khoza does not see it the way Miss Leon see it. In an unofficial statement to the police Mr Khoza said his neighbor is the most annoying DA supporter ever and she is always disrespecting him in front of his family. “She uses my love for the ANC to clown me, everyday my child goes over to play she come home and start asking me why the ANC is so bad and tell me the jokes Mrs Leon makes about the president. Some of them are too mature for the children”.

When asked why he resorted to burning her house he said he wanted to teach her a lesson and it’s just unfortunate he got arrested.