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ARVs fell out of Julius Malema jacket during a meeting, followers are now suspicious


EFF followers and executive members are now worried about the health of their CIC after a bottle containing what appears to be ARVs fell out of Julius Malema’s jacket.

Malema who had been taking a lot of time off and consistently excusing himself during meetings had lost a great deal of weight lately. He said he had been eating healthy and hitting the gym a lot but after the incident member of the party think he might be sick.

“No wonder he does not speak like a comrade any more, His recent ideas are all weak and irrational..something is wrong with our leader”

Said one hardcore EFF follower who said even though someone status is their own secret maybe Malema should go the Jacob Zuma route and tell us his status. “We just wanna know if our leader won’t wake up a little under the weather during important meetings and rallies, if we know what’s really going on we will support him”.

Malema refused to confirm that ARVs fell out of his pocket. “The only thing falling out of anything is the ANC. And if I have HIV I got it from the ANC, I know a lot of ANC leaders who have it, even the big headed one”.


Malema said he was able to lose all the weight because of his wife. “She know what to feed me and reminds me to drink my medicat….she make sure I go to the gym a lot”. Said Julius.