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“BEE is coming to an end soon, businesses should be treated equally”- Ramaphosa


ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa says he is planning to do away with BEE so that the tender industry can be competitive.

“When people know that it is mandatory for them to be hired they don’t see the importance of doing the job to the highest standards”

Ramaphosa believes that the BEE system brought us more bad than the good. “When BEE was implemented it encouraged black South Africans to become entrepreneurs, Many of the were not business minded they just saw easy money and the results is a big disaster, millions were lost and many jobs were not done, employees were not paid while the tenderpreneurs walks away with millions scot-free. This has to end”

“The tender industry should have serious competition so that we can take whoever doesn’t take their jobs seriously to task”

“A spoiled child doesn’t care because they know that if they waste resources and became greedy no one would say anything”


“It’s time to make South Africa equal again and people should be given jobs they can handle and have passion for, Thank you”

It is not clear when and how will BEE will be dissolved.