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Black Coffee attacked outside his home


DJ Black Coffee is being treated for minor injuries after he got jumped outside his home this afternoon.

According to his female neighbor Black Coffee was attacked and stomped for a few minutes by three men who jumped out of a black BMW 3 series wearing masks. “they did not ask any questions, they just charged towards him aggressively and one of the hit him on the chest like Batista spear, he fell on the ground and they stomped him very hard”


Although it was three of them stomping him while he was down, Black Coffee found some strength some how and rise up. “They continued throwing blows but the tables turned very quickly and Black Coffee was now the one delivering hot klaps with his powerful hand”

I think he hit the driver on the eyes and he becomes blind or something cos the car crushed on a brick wall nearby

When the attackers felt Black Coffee’s wrath they ran for their lives and crushed their car on a wall. “The car wouldn’t start after crushing on the wall and they escaped by foot”

Coffee said he got his strength from God.

i have only two STITCHES but  i’m sure they all can’t hear a thing, their ears are ringing from the Klaps i delivered