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BLF Celebrates Truck Driver Who Rammed Into Black Monday Protesters


Black Monday Protesters – Earlier this week, South Africans gathered together to mourn and agitate against farm attacks and the killing of farmers across the country. It was called Black Monday Protest. Along the way, it emerged that a truck collided with a group of Black Monday protesters at N4 outside Middleburg, Mpumalanga. According to Joseph Mabuza, the spokesperson of Mpumalanga Department of Community Safety, the driver of the truck failed to halt the vehicle on time when he saw the Black Monday protesters. Three people were injured, two of them were in serious condition and were rushed to a local hospital for medical attention.

BuzzSouthAfrica reported that the Black First Land First (BLF) movement urged South Africans to not take part in the protest. To the movement, “white farmers are racist, cruel land thieves” who don’t deserve sympathy.

“It’s a lie to say white farmers feed the nation. Half the South African population is without food security. White farmers poison the nation with GMOs. They produce for profit and don’t care for the health of the nation,” said BLF. Check out the full report here – ‘Farm Workers Are Killed By Farmers Every Day.


Now, the movement has decided to celebrate the driver of the truck which collided with the Black Monday protesters. In a statement, the party acknowledged the incident as a revolutionary act.

“(We acknowledge) the revolutionary act of the truck driver who… rammed into a settler colonialist racist protest of Afriforum, Democratic Alliance (DA) and white monopoly capital (WMC). “Such an act shows that our people will not fold their arms when those who stole our land look down upon us, abuse us and undermine our very existence. The truck driver’s actions, intention notwithstanding, are revolutionary…,” stated BLF. “We salute the driver and insist that he must be protected, he was just doing the work of God,” added the movement.