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Remember the spur waitress who was caught smearing menstrual blood on white customers meals?, she now a manager


Two month ago a Spur waitress was caught smearing menstrual blood on white people orders in Pretoria.

She admitted she had been doing it for 2 years and got arrested but she was not charged and now it has emerged that she was released the same day. She was not fired either, she had been transferred to one of the Spurs in Centurion where she worked for a month before becoming a manager.

In case you missed it.

Waitress arrested after admitting to smearing menstrual blood on white costumers food

Pretoria – A 23-year-old waitress in one of Pretoria restaurant was arrested this morning after being caught and admitting she smeared menstrual blood on food whenever she serve white customers.

Susan Gwala who had been a waitress at a restaurant in one of the malls around Tshwane for 3 years was caught red-handed squeezing her tampon over a customer’s order with the apparent intention of having the costumer eat her menstrual blood which she said amuse her and she had done it so many times now it has become the most exciting part of her job.


When she was caught this morning by her co-worker who confronted her and also told the manager who interrogated her she made a shocking confession. “I don’t really like white people and when I released this place serves a lot of them I decided to give them the worst possible meals I could”.

“Every time I’m on my period I make sure I squeeze my used tampons on as many of their orders as possible then sit back and watch them eat, it’s so funny to me because sometimes they compliment me and a lot of them enjoy it and some prefer that only I should take their orders”

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