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If you can’t protect farmers we will end up importing food from Zambia – Cyril Ramaphosa


Deputy president Ramaphosa always tend to have a different view on different matters from those of other ANC members.

Fikile Mbalula recently ranted about farmers not being in danger at all and claiming that farmers are the most dangerous people in the country which did not sit well with deputy president Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa said in South Africa if any community, group of people or an individual complains or put forward their grievances we don’t make assumptions. “As the government we must try to find a solution to their problems, the minister of police came to a conclusion without even sitting down with the people who followed a very formal way to present they problem, He did not even replied to the letters”

He went on to say saying statements like “farmers are the most dangerous people” could influence more fatal attacks. “Farmers are technically the bread winners of the country and labeling them as dangerous is just not right”


“It’s better to make their safety a priority. Not for them to worry about their safety and their production that’s two different jobs, If this productive farmers lose interest in farming we will end up importing food from Zambia”

Ramaphosa said he will sit down with Mbalula and see if they can reach some sort of agreement.