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Church members rebels against pastor, beat him up and burn the church saying they are tired of false promises


A church was burned and a pastor was beaten to a pulp on the 1st of January during the church service in a township near Johannesburg.

The members who became agitated when the pastor started telling them the same thing he said to them last year and the same prophecies he prophesied last year stood up and ask for the collection bowl so they can buy refreshment and enjoy the rest of the new year day without being lied to. They said “This year is our year for us to eat the money we collect in church”.

When the pastor refused the church members gave him a mob beating, His wife ran for her life. The pastor was airlifted to a nearby hospital because he was in a very critical condition.

church pastor

According to some of the church elders only the youth participated in the shameful and disrespectful way towards God and they just said bye-bye to the kingdom of God.


This young GENERATION get POSSESSED by demons so EASILY, no sane person can lay hands on a pastor

But the youth of the church said the were just tired of being lied to each and every year. “He told me I will get a job and I will be driving before the end of the year since 2013, He promised my sister a husband since 2012”. Said one of the furious youth.

“This is just like a service delivery strike, God’s time my foot…he drives a Range Rover and I’m sure we are the ones who are financing it”. Said Juno a female striker who said she is tired of being made fun of by successful people who never set foot in church.