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DJ killed in Mamelodi for playing a very old song (Mgwanti) instead of Wololo


They request wololo and he played mgwanti, I never seen party goers pissed off like that, one female ACTUALLY choke-slam the poor guy

Said Themba, a passer-by who witnessed the whole incident and called the police. “When they started stomping him with all the fake Timberland boots and Nike air-maxes I knew I should do something, By the time police arrived I realised I should of called an ambulance instead”

When police arrived at the scene it was almost too late, the old DJ was air-hauled to Steve Biko Hospital where he died on arrival. Police are investigating a case of murder.

Two people who were sober at the party said the DJ did not have any new music because he was just released from jail a month ago after serving a 10-year prison sentence. “He did not have any new music and he tried to force his old music into the young party goers and they couldn’t take it”


“They requested Wololo and he played some Mjava track and Mgwanti, I think only sister Bettina could have saved his life but he did not have it too”. Said a witness. “I saw one lady stick her high-heel shoe in the guy’s mouth when he was down, his accessories were destroyed too and they started chanting wololo while stomping the poor man”.