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DJ Zinhle: AKA only spend R250 on Kairo per month


DJ Zinhle blasted her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy for being stingy when it comes to his baby.

“He pop expensive bottles in the clubs but he spends almost nothing on his own child”.

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Said DJ Zinhle about her baby daddy AKA who left her for Bonang. “I’m not saying I need him to spend more on the baby I just want people to know that I am 90% responsible for baby Kairo’s expense and her glamours father is very stingy when it comes to his own child, out there he calls himself a cash cow”.


DJ Zinhle said she has no hard feelings against AKA but since he is a splendid guy people should also know how his contribution to the child expenses is like. DJ Zinhle said it’s as if her child don’t have a father. “He is a dead beat father the only time he wanna see the child is when he wanna take pics to flex or if he had a Magazine shoot”

We couldn’t confirm with AKA but his girlfriend Bonang said AKA is the best father she had ever seen. “He talk about his daughter a lot sometimes I get jealous”.