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Don’t provoke my inner Mugabe, Jacob Zuma hints dictatorship


Jacob Zuma delivered a scary speech warning South Africans that he can be much worse than what they hate him for.

As if president Jacob Zuma haven’t proved already that he is a typical African leader who clings to power even after complete failure, Jacob Zuma is now threatening South African democracy.

In a rather angry rant the president said people should remember that he is the most powerful president in Africa and he will not allow people to step on him no more. “African leaders like Mugabe are laughing at me, Do you want me to be like Mugabe to you, Then why do you disrespect me everyday?. I did not put myself here the people did but there is a group of people who think they are better than me”. Said Zuma.

“People are forgetting that I am the one person in this country who can do whatever I want and no one can stop me, I kept quiet for a while but now I’m getting tired, I will ban some of these parties if I want, in Zulu there is only one bull in the Kraal and I’m tired of people within the ANC who are being controlled by opposition parties”. He continued.


Zuma had also told the ANC NEC not to push him after the committee’s vote about whether they have hope on him or not.