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Elephant attacked and killed two rhino horn poachers


An angry elephant at the Kruger National Park killed two armed men who were inside the park illegally in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The men who  were on a serious poaching mission, had all the items poachers normally carry: four loaded Guns ,two Electronic grinders, and a big travelling bag.

Rangers were alerted  about two critically injured men near the Numbi Gate inside the park. When they got to the scene, the men were still alive. At first, they tried to lie, saying that they were on their way to Mozambique, on foot. But because of the amount of pain they felt, they ended up telling the truth and  explained what happened.


“We are really sorry, we thought we would make some quick money. We didn’t mean to provoke the elephant, we don’t know why he attacked us. We were looking for Rhinos, not elephants. But some how, it got charged and attacked us. We tried to apologise, but it was so angry it couldn’t even understand us.” said one of the men, begging to be taken to hospital so he can get some pain killers.

The two men however died on their way to hospital and the park is still investigating how they managed to get in.