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Error in matric results, wrong marks for wrong students after a virus was uploaded to the department computer system.


A major system error in the Department of Education computer system will see more than 15 thousand matric results recalled after it caused printing error and allocated wrong marks to wrong students.

We realised a lot was wrong with the RESULTS statements after the schools lodged their COMPLAINTS about what others are SAYING is reckless marking

90 percent of the error during print affected students in Gauteng and 7 percent is in Limpopo.

The error is forcing the department to issue an apology and they are planning to release the correct results in early February. “We have the best IT team in the world so it still puzzles us how a virus can end up in our computer system. whoever is responsible will pay dearly for their crime”. Said the Gauteng region Education Department spokesperson.

matric results


Learner are encouraged to visit their nearest Department of education to inquire incase they are also victims of the error.

Also the Government had issued a statement about how they cannot be accountable for any inconvenience caused by the computer virus. “We use reputable antivirus and we will try to upgrade and always update our computers”.