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Free State man arrested for shooting his wife-beating neighbour


Jonah Smit a 30-year-old man from Free State was charged with attempted murder after shooting a 35-year-old wife-beating neighbour.

According to Smit his neighbour is a very abusive man who beats up his wife every night. Smit told a journalist who visited him in prison that every time this happen the couple’s two children run to his house. Smit said he had advised the woman to go to the police so many times but she always refused stating that he is a breadwinner.

Smit said it hurts him to have to hear the poor woman crying every night and babysitting the traumatized children. On Sunday night Smit decided enough is enough when he heard the women and children screaming.


“I waited hoping the children will come to my house but they didn’t and the screams went on for over 30 minutes that’s when I decided to go check, I knocked on the door and I guess he had seen me on the CCTV and he told me to stay out of his family matters, I asked for the children and he said they are not mine”

Smit says he waited for a while outside. “He told me he will beat me up for trespassing if I don’t leave, I was about to leave when the screams start again and I kicked the door open”

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