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FW de Klerk Under Fire For Saying Many Whites Will Be Forced To Flee SA


Frederik Willem de Klerk said it’s an unpalatable fact that SA current government is energetic about adopting policies that are consciously directed toward harming white South Africans.

De Klerk was speaking at the launch of the Center for Unity in Diversity.

vernment’s BBBEE and affirmative action policies arguing that they are hugely restricting the economic opportunities available for the minorities.

“We have to face the unpalatable fact that our present government has adopted policies that are consciously directed toward harming the core interests of a section of the South African population according to their race,” he stated.

With the above, De Klerk cautioned that it’s uncool to have a society in which land, jobs, power and wealth will be allocated according to racial compositions of the population.

That, he said, will only wreck the county as the lives of citizens will once again be determined by race and not merit.

He lamented that the ‘unpalatable polices’ will punish and expose the minorities to excessive suffering.

“Their share of the wealth, job and land will decline commensurately over the next 30 years,” he said.


De Klerk buttressed thus: “as the BBBEE noose tightens, it may become increasingly difficult for white South Africans to find employment.”

Also, he asserted that reasons the government cited for the harsh policies are arguably right and arguably wrong.

To him, the problem is that they are being actively propagated by the present government. And, are fervently believed by government itself and the radicalized youth.

Many Whites To Flee SA

Based on the foregoing, the former SA leader predicted that many white South Africans will be forced to leave the country.

“Inevitably” he said, “many (whites) will be forced to leave South Africa.”

However, he expressed that the hope to have the rainbow nation widely desired is lingering on.

“For the first time, South Africans voted in significant numbers according to their political convictions and not according to their race,” De Klerk identified.