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Government flavored condoms are full of tiny holes.


All new government flavored max condoms are being recalled after a study by the University of Cape Town confirmed that they are full of tiny holes.

The holes are big enough to let viruses and sperm cells swim through. The University decided to conduct a study after a wave of winter pregnancies and STIs, The majority of pregnant girls said they used the beloved flavored condoms all the time and were shocked to discover that they are pregnant.

“My boyfriend and I were using flavor after flavor and pregnancy was not on my mind, At first I thought he might have poked some whole on the condoms. On the other hand he was thinking I cheated and someone got me pregnant…now that the truth is out I am planning to sue Zuma”. Said a pregnant teen from North West.

“I knew something was wrong with that banana flavour when my penis started oozing some yellowish liquid, From now on I’m buying my own condoms”. Said a sixteen year old teen who said he sleeps with older women for money and protection is his number one priority. “Older women don’t like condoms but I always insist and now it’s said to see that I was not protected anyway”


The department of health issued a brief statement via Twitter saying the recalling of the condoms does not necessarily mean they all have holes. “It’s probably just one bad batch, people should continue using condoms and stop acting like fools”.