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Hit man found dead after confessing he was hired to assassinate Pravin Gordhan by a top ANC politician


A 33-year-old man was found dead in a house that was used as protective custody 12 hours after he confessed he was hired by a top ANC politician to assassinate Pravin Gordhan.

Our source a police officer who was working on the case said he is surprised the incident is not on the news.

According to him the hit man was going to be paid 1.5 million after the job was done however half a million was already paid in cash and wire transfers from offshore accounts. The hit man also had text messages and audio proof.

In his confession the dead man said he only met the person who paid him once. “My eyes were covered during the trip to meeting him and back to were they dropped me. But my phone GPS was on and that’s how I know whose house that was”

The hit man also recorded a few phone calls between him and three middle man. “I talked to different people every time they wanna communicate with me”. He said in his statement.


The police office said the dead hit man told him the reason he came to the police was because he had a feeling that they are going to set him up or kill him after the job. “Too many people were involved”.

The dead hit man was not a South African national.