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Hlaudi Motsoeneng had SABC employee fired for playing Jacaranda FM in her car


A 40-year-old women who worked for the SABC for 15 years as head of production was fired for playing Jacaranda FM on the parking lot of the SABC premises.

The woman, Linda Oosthuizen said she was just listening to Jacaranda FM breakfast as usual unfortunately on that day Hlaudi was in a firing mood, and the moment he and his buddies pull up on the packing spot next to her he told her she was fired for playing kak.


Linda said she’s planning to take serious legal action against the SABC for what she call racial influenced maltreatment within the organisation.

“I can listen to whoever I want wherever I want, this is a free country you cannot dictate people’s choices”

Gossipmillsa.com learned that Hlaudi only made a recommendation that Linda should be fired or given a final warning for misconduct. In a brief written statement obtained by our source Hlaudi mentioned that Linda was violating SABC policies and disturbing peace in the workplace by playing car radio so loud in the parking lot with her car windows rolled down.


Even if that was the case she should have just walked away with a verbal warning but apparently Linda had a few other warnings before for misconduct. When she refused to sign the unfair final written warning of playing Jacaranda FM she was fired immediately.

Linda who drive a Polo Vivo with standard VW sound system said it’s almost impossible to make noise by playing music in her car with only two windows half open.