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Jacob Zuma and the ANC believes corruption is a myth


ANC believe that every corruption and fraud claims within its administration is just a campaign by the opposition to hinder the party from service delivery.

“For the past seven years we have thoroughly investigated every corruption claims by the opposition and non of them turn out to be true. The time and resources we spent investigating these claims is priceless. From now on we will only focus on service delivery no more pointless investigation”. Said Jacob Zuma

The president said he is planning to use all the time he have left to deliver quality service and non of his staff will either be suspended or investigated because all claims of corruption made before were false.

“From the local government, provincial and national I won’t allow my administration to be delayed and hindered by slow investigation that are fruitless. All of our time is going to service delivery. You can’t just accuse people without proof. The ANC government have no recorded corruption and we are staying that way. No more false accusations”. He continued.


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