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Jacob Zuma: I can go today if my whole cabinet is coming with me


President Jacob Zuma said he believes in fair treatment and that his entire cabinet is equally responsible for everything he had done good and bad.

“I don’t make decisions alone so if the ANC and the country want me out of office before the end of my term why do you want the rest of my administration to stay?”

The president said the Zuma must fall campaign gives him depression and slow down his ability to be the best president he can be. “As a president I am obligated to make good decisions for my country and people should not look at me like I am a God, there are bad times and good times so please let me lead the country in peace or I will go with my whole cabinet if that’s what people want”.

He also said people need to be careful of the opposition parties like the EFF and DA. “Their sole motive is to make it hard for the ANC to progress, Do you think they would be satisfied if they wake up to see that I resigned or left office?, No they want more than that”.


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