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Jacob Zuma hired a private math teacher to teach him numbers


President Jacob Zuma hired a private teacher to help him improve his maths skills after recognising his poor ability to read huge numbers.

The private teacher will travel with Jacob Zuma and help him rehearse numbers from written speeches that he is supposed to read in public everywhere he goes. The president said the teacher service will be included in the next financial year budget to ease his financial load.

The teacher who was supplied by a popular employment broker is going to start working with Jacob Zuma next year January.

jacob zuma private math teacher

Although the president specifically asked for a female petite teacher he was unable to find one.


“Every women of that specification left the interview room as soon as they heard the private job was to teach president Jacob Zuma. some said I don’t work with sexual offenders, some just took off and leave”. Said the head of the employment broker Mr Smith.

I for one think he was too specific, I mean a teacher is a teacher – Mr Smith

“I just hope this is going to save our country of all future numbers error, and maybe he should also hire someone for a short course on HIV he need that one too so he can forget about the shower”. Added Smith.