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Judge adds 5 years to Jub Jub sentence after he was caught having sex in jail cell.


Convicted gospel hip hop star, Jub Jub who is not new to controversy continues to make headlines from inside prison.

Jub Jub briefly appeared before the court for apparently being caught having sex with a women inside his cell while his cell mate keep watch. The women who got access to the Jail cell by claiming she is Jub Jub’s lawyer was also arrested. She is currently out on bail and her hearing date is yet to be announced.

The women. A 28-year-old named Anelie Swart is rumoured to have been visiting Jub Jub frequently throughout the year 2016. She is a law student in UJ and she had told the guards she wanted to see the cell her client is staying on. “She claimed she wanted to discuss serious matters with her client, she was so intimidating I eventually let her in and I was shocked to hear they were caught having sex after my shift”. Said a new wanderer who is now suspended for misconduct.

According to the prison officials the two where having wild sex and the cell mate who was supposedly on the watch was caught masturbating to their steamy sexual activity.


“I heard a women screaming in the cell block so I went to check what’s going on only to find Jub Jub and the lady trying to switch positions, they begged me to let them finish and I did let them finish”. Said the wanderer who caught them on the act.

Jub Jub is not really a new guy to having sex in prison. A few weeks back we reported a story about him apparently fathering a child from behind bars.

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