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KFC sales dropped by 50% for not addressing the racist incident that happen in their drive through in Cape Town


Social Media have more strength than any type of advertising this days.

KFC is now paying the price of turning a blind eye to the racist argument that took place in their Cape Town restaurant. The restaurant sales are plummeting in the Western Cape and around the country as well and many are speculating that it’s because they never addressed the racist incident.

“As a giant fast food restaurant they should know better, Staying silent means the condone racism and South Africans cannot stand for that”. Said Ian Booth a professional online marketing director.

“KFC will suffer the same consequences Spur suffered or more” – Booth

The video that has gone viral online, caused similar amounts of outcry and debate like the Spur video. On the 28th of April outside the Observatory KFC in Cape Town, two young white women filmed parts of a racial argument that they had after they were confronted by a group of black men. See video below.


Rachel Emma Wood recorded the video and explained her version of events, the clip also shows a young black man leaning into the car and accusing Rachel and her friend of being racist towards them. Rachel calmly listens to the man and at one point even asks her friend to keep quiet and let him finish explaining how he felt.