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Law passed: You can now be convicted for witchcraft and black magic


South Africa is the only country that respect traditional laws and recognise different cultures. Now witchcraft is becoming a legal issue.

A survey revealed that almost every South African believes witchcraft exist. 50% of those surveyed said they are scared of being successful because that attract witches.

The study also revealed that 40% of people who are married or in a long term relationships believes their lovers had used muti on them.

70% believes there is a witch in their family and 20% said they feel like their intelligence had been stolen and given to someone via witch craft.

After a few month of debating about the possibility of convicting witches Jacob Zuma and the legislature decided it can be done.

According to a written report there would witchcraft magistrate courts, the  witchcraft high courts(one on each province) and the supreme court of witchcraft appeal.


In the supreme court of witch craft appeal the judges will be 10 sangomas and they only appeal cases from the high courts.

We are doing this because we are africans in africa and we know witch craft is hindering progress ACROSS the country. if you don’t want jail then don’t fly by night

Said Jacob Zuma after announcing that from June 2017 every bewitched person can open a case and qualified sangomas will lead the investigations. You can hire you own sangoma layers or use state provided sangoma layers.

“We’re hoping this will make South Africa witchcraft free by the year 2060”. He said.