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Law passed, Churches will now pay tax and regular audit will be conducted


A bill that was recently signed by president Jacob Zuma requires all churches to be registered as private companies and not NPO’s.

Meaning they will now pay taxes like other businesses. The legislature backed the bill with a few points that convinced the president to sign the bill into a law.

  • Apparently the majority of registered priest have a business background meaning most of these churches are run by businessman.
  • Churches collect money in so many ways and it can never be accounted for but every church service there is a collection bowl going around.
  • The modern televangelist have proven again that church is a business through their lavish life style.
  • A high number of pastors who have millions in their bank accounts without any source of income.
  • Churches usually have an empty bank account.

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President Jacob Zuma said he signed the law because the country’s economy need a boost. This is going to make South Africa the only country to directly tax churches, i.e taxing churches like companies. Although some countries do have tax for churches they use the money for religions purposes.