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Durban man ‘chops off friend’s penis with axe’ after arguing over the size of their members


Next time you and your mates are planning a harmless penis measuring contest, you might want to think again.

Two middle-aged men did the very same thing in Durban – but it turned to tragedy.


The man believed to be the loser, apparently overcome by jealousy, attacked his friend and chopped off his member with an axe, police said.

Yes, an axes. An instrument usually used to cut down trees.

The men, aged 52 and 47, began arguing about the length of their pieces during a heavy drinking session.


A police spokesman said: ‘Over two days the men were binge drinking, which led to a violent argument.

‘When words were exhausted, the attacker pulled out an axe and first struck the opponent on the head, then cut off his manhood.’

Neighbours called the emergency services after hearing the once-endowed man’s pained screams.

The men have reportedly known each other since childhood. The older man has been charged with inflicting a ‘grave injury’ on his friend and could be jailed for eight years if found guilty.