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Mnangagwa should stop his quest to steal our farmers, who said we don’t need them- Malema


Julius Malema is known for making contradicting statements every time but this time it’s shockingly different.

We all know the EFF president wants nothing to do with white people especially those who are economically advanced. For the past few years Malema had been spewing venom and creating hatred towards South African whites especially farmers.

If he is not chanting kill the boer he is requesting for white owned farms to be given to black people without compensation, When all his ideas are not heard he tell his followers to grab land.

This was all before he realised how important farming is to our country, it seem Malema had seen the light or he is jealous that the current Zimbabwean president want to poach South African farmers.


While addressing his followers in Mpumalanga, about his party issues he digressed and said he is not willing to let South Africa lose farmers to Zimbabwe. “They chased their own farmers and now they want to steal our country’s greatest assets, It’s not gonna happen. They hear us arguing and think we mean everything we say, Mnagwaga should understand that every family have their arguments but will always stay together our farmers are not crossing any boarders”.

Surprisingly the statement was well received by his followers who cheered and clapped. Do you think we might be moving into the right direction as a country?.