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Mugabe orders the arrest and execution of the man who created the ugly statue


Zimbabwean President had done the unthinkable when he orders the arrest and death penalty without trial for the man responsible of erecting his latest statue.

Magabe said he did not see how ugly the statue was because it was too sunny the day it was unveiled. “I’m old and I can barely see when it’s sunny but some took my bad eyesight as an opportunity to play with me, True Zimbabwean citizens know not to disrespect their leaders”.

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Grace Mugabe, the first lady tried to cover the real reason why the poor man is going to be executed by saying the man is not being executed because the statue was ugly. “He was heard bragging that he made the statue ugly to represent my husband’s ugly dictatorship, and for that he deserves to be executed”

According to a Zimbabwean news channel Mugabe said the execution would serve as a warning to others who might get any disrespectful ideas about their leader.


“I’ve led this country for 36 year and I am still going to lead as long as I live, If you don’t appreciate what I’ve done and what I’m still doing for Zimbabwe do anything else but disrespect me”. Said Mugabe on live TV.