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Oscar Pistorius “they took my legs and had me walking on stumps for two weeks, don’t let the media fool you”


Oscar Pistorius claims that his prosthetic legs were taken away from him and he had to walk around hard concrete with his stumps for two weeks.

After reports that came out about Oscar Pistorius having a positive attitude and doing well in prison, Oscar and his lawyer came out with different story, a horror story.

According to Oscar Pistorius’s representative the prison officials had taken away his prosthetic legs and called them dangerous weapons. “He walked on concrete for two weeks on his stumps, They only gave them to him when he had visitors”. He said.

“When I asked them why they said they fear that he might use them to hurt other prisoner who mocks him. Oscar Pistorius has admitted that there are prisoners who are racist and some who mocks him but said he would never use the legs to defend himself as that would compromise him anyway, but they did not listen”

Oscar Pistorius’s stumps were bruised badly and that’s when he was given his legs back. His lawyer claims to have pictures to prove it and they will be taking the department of correctional service to court soon. Pistorius said he don’t want people to think he is being treated nicely in jail.