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Police closes Senzo Meyiwa murder case with no arrest after almost 3 years


After 3 years of investigation that yielded no results Senzo Meyiwa’s murder case is finally being closed.

According to two detectives who were in charge of the case the case is close. No arrest have been made and they currently have no single suspect. Detective Thabo Khoza said by being closed he mean no more resources and time will be allocated to the case because they had already spent more time on the case and they got nothing solid.

Any new evidence brought forward will be filled, but nothing will be done to follow that up unless the evidence is solid.

“We are tired of getting anonymous calls and letters suggesting that we should arrest Kelly Khumalo and her family, we have no evidence against them and quite frankly it’s not easy to be the guy who arrest a celebrity without much evidence, say I made her my suspect and she proves her innocence…my job is gone and I’m the laughing-stock”. Said the detective.

“The best cause of action for the Meyiwa’s is to let it go or hire a private detective maybe they can get lucky”. Continued the detective. “I had worked on many cases like these before and cracking them is much easier than people think, Armed robbers usually leaves evidence like fingerprints or drop some other things we can use to trace them”

“A person like Senzo was a very recognisable person in South Africa and robbers don’t usually shoot and kill celebrities, also they(robbers) investigate so good before committing their crimes, so for them to just barge into a house with so many people is very rare these criminals know and investigate their targets”


“To be honest most cases like these always have a very unusual suspect but without evidence it can be a dead-end sometimes, especially on a high-profile cases like these one. Police are scared too, same as some people are scared to tell the police that their neighbour is a drug dealer, if the police find no evidence it won’t work”

Senzo Meyiwa was shot and killed in Kelly Khumalo’s home in October 2014.