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President Zuma moves election date to the 27th of August 2016


According to a recent statement on the South African government’s website, the election date has been moved to the 27th of August 2016.
President Zuma had previously set the 3rd of August as the election date and marked it as a public holiday.

The elections were supposed to be on Wednesday early in the month and they are still going to be on a Wednesday, but a couple of weeks later.


Explaining further, the presidency stated that the reason why the date has been moved is to accommodate the president and his busy schedule. It will be the week just after month end, and the president needs to do his groceries and take his wives out. He therefore will be tired on the 3rd.


The EFF and the DA have not yet commented on this but the IEC has guaranteed journalists and stated that this is the last time the election date is changed.

The President did however call us while we were writing this satirical piece and asked us to apologize for him to the public if the news does not sit well with most. We responded by telling him that the elections will continue, whether he likes it or not.

You are encouraged to go and vote on the 3rd of August, it is your democratic right.