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Pretoria man falls to death through the window while demonstrating the strength of window panes on a new high-rise building


A 38-year-old real-state agent from Pretoria, Plunged to his death from the 24th floor of a new high-rise building in front of several horrified witnesses.

For motivations that remain unclear the agent had apparently developed a fondness for showing off the tensile strength of the office building windows (and/or demonstrating his fearless trust in that aspect of the building design) by running and hurling himself at window panes in front of onlookers, who would watch a stunt that always ended with Him bouncing off of the window panes, leaving both glass and the real-estate agent unharmed.

This morning, however, He attempted his feat in front of a group of potential clients with disastrous results: Apparently the first attempt came off as usual with He harmlessly rebounding off the window, but when He threw himself against the pane a second time, it popped out of its frame and sent Him fatally tumbling 24 stories to the yard below.


Falling man
The company’s spokesperson said He “… was testing the strength of the window. There was a lot of joking about how the window wouldn’t open maybe on a hot day … Apparently, it was the second attempt [at testing the window] that one of them popped out and he went through.” As well, a metro police officer reported that the man “… was showing his knowledge of the tensile strength of window glass and presumably the glass gave way. I know the frame and the blinds are still there.”