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Pretoria teenager developed an app that alert you of illegal strikes and protests


A young girl from Menlyn, Pretoria decided to invent an app that would help her and her loved ones not to get stranded or drive into strikes.

Anelie van der Westhuizen decided to do something about South African strikes and protests that just pop-up everywhere after her mother’s car was stoned and burned during a recent strike in Tshwane area. Her little brother was also hit by a brick during the incident and he is now scared of even going outside to play because of the trauma.

Anelie’s mother said her daughter had been working on her computer for month and her app will be live on Google Play and Apple App Store early next year.

The app let users alert others about strikes in their area and which roads to avoid, the extent of DESTRUCTION and HOSTILITY

If the strike is normal the notification shows one stone/brick and if the strike is reported as very intensive five bricks/stones are shown on the notification.


The app is currently in beta mode and being tested. According to a few who are participating the app is great and works like magic. “You can also take pics and add them with your strike alert, The report is always accurate because there is a description for every type of report”.

The young teenager says hopefully her invention will help a lot people and save lives. “I don’t want what happen my mother’s car and my brother happen to someone else…how would you feel if you lose a family member to a strike?”.