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A PTA magosha knocked out a client for going for the wrong hole


I was just trying to get VALUE for my money, her punani COULDN’T do the job so i thought why not try something new

Said Vuyo to Daily Sun cameras while laying in a hospital bed.

Vuyo a 22-year-old man was knocked-out unconscious by a magosha in Sunnyside Pretoria after trying to take what he did not pay for.

Vuyo woke up in hospital 3 hours later with a condom still on. Witnesses said the magosha who knocked-out Vuyo called the ambulance herself. “We thought maybe he fainted from the action, they were in there for over 45 minutes”. Said Vuyo’s pal who said he met Vuyo the other day when they were hunting for magoshas.

Jane a the 34-year-old and very popular magosha said her other whole is off limit. “Even if he paid double the price I don’t do that, A lot of white guys always request it and even promise to triple the price, I don’t do that, other ladies does it not me”.


Vuyo is planning to get a refund for not even getting close to what he paid for.