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Rapper Lil Wayne shot in the chest by a group of boys dressed in Black Lives Matter t-shirts


Breaking news: Rapper Lil Wayne was shot two times on the upper torso by a group of young men wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts.

The incident took place close to the rapper’s Maimi home. According to a witness the rapper was shot off a skate board and he was rushed to the hospital where he is currently in ICU.

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One of the witnesses said they heard the shooter yelling “Let’s see if a white cop saves you…”

Lil Wayne who sparked controversy after saying he do not feel connected to Black Lives Matter movement had apologised earlier stating that he was not himself during that part of interview because the interviewer referred to his daughter as a hoe/bitch.


According to reports Lil Wayne left lung had collapsed and it has a very slim chance of recovery.

“He might not be able to skate nor rap after he leave this hospital”

His mentor/father AKA Baby/Birdman was denied entry into the hospital where Lil Wayne is currently in for unknown reasons.

The shooters are still at large.