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Are you ready for new number plates?


The Department of Transport has released an article in the Government Gazette noting that the number plates could change from 2017.

The new plates will be renewable every 5 years and need to contain an SABS certification mark on the bottom right, a 4-dimensional bar code with the QR code that contains the number of the manufacturer of the blank plate, the abbreviated name of the blank plate manufacturer and the South African flag.

Plastic number plates will no longer be used and all new number plates will be aluminium. The reasoning is that they last around 5 years and they don’t melt as easily as plastic plates in a fire or accident.

Different colours will denote different transport sectors. Black is for public transport vehicles, blue for general vehicles and personalised plates, red for Government vehicles and green for diplomatic vehicles.

If the plates become mandatory as of next year, the new set of plates will cost around R250 a pair and will only be valid for 5 years.