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Sleepy cop shoots off three of his toes


A 33-year-old Joburg police officer accidentally shot himself with a gun on Saturday, according to a report by the SAPS.

Kaizer Skhosana, who works for the Johannesburg SAPS was sleeping in a police van parked next to the road on Saturday night when his gun went off and shot him in the foot, completely destroying three toes on his left foot.

It is still unclear how the gun went off — but Skhosana’s colleagues can confirm that he was taking a small nap when the incident happened.

He was woken up by the sound of the gun going off, but he did not realize immediately how hurt he was.


“At first I did not feel anything. I think the gun went off twice because there are two holes in my boot.” Skhosana told his collegues.

He was taken to a Net-care Hospital in Johannesburg.