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Solly Moholo admitted at mental Rehab after recording a song titled ‘ke kopa kuku’ (Give me your punani): AUDIO


Solly Moholo has always been the kind of artist who speaks his mind through his Gospel music. His music has always been loved by a lot of people around the country but there came a time when most people suspected that the Gospel Star might be mentally challenged. In fact during that time Solly Moholo acted so crazy he got banned from the ZCC church for going against the church rules by doing things like, drinking alcohol in church uniform, taking videos of Moria which is forbidden and releasing music using foul language.

Despite being banned from the ZCC church, there are still people who are fond of Solly Moholo’s music, for example Solly Moholo real name Solly Molokoane once shared a story about 4 gun men who broke into his house but sparred his life because they loved his music.

But they might change their mind about loving Solly Moholo’s music after hearing his latest single titled ‘ke kopa kuku’ translated ‘can i please have your pussy’. Yes it is shocking but Solly Molokoane who’s originally from Kgwadibeng in Hammanskraal – Makapanstad recorded this aingle at his studio-house in Soshanguve Pretoria.

You can listen to the song just play it below:

It is alleged that after recording the song Solly Moholo then repeatedly played the song loudly until neighbours had to intervene. When neighbours got to the Gospel Star’s house he was singing along to his single holding a bottle of beer and when he noticed his neighbours he laughed uncontrollably.

“That’s when i decided to switch off the loud appalling music, and that’s when Solly got really angry and attacked me for touching his music system, other neighbours had to restrain him while i called the police” said one neighbour.

Since this incident we tried to get Solly Moholo’s side of the story at the police station, but we were told that Mr Molokoane is no longer at their holding cells, he has been admitted to Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital. After contacting Weskoppies we were told that they are not allowed to discuss patients, they have a very strict policy about patient’s confidentiality.