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Somizi: I used to sleep with Julius Malema


After an EFF fan told Somizi to repent and be straight like god intended not only did he told him “awunyi perhaps?”. He actually tweeted that he used to sleep with Malema.

Somizi twitter

When www.gossipmillsa.com asked Somizi to detail the whole thing he told us it all started after one ANCYL when Malema was drunk and ask him to join him and his buddy.

“We were all so drunk but we know what we were doing. Malema and I ended up in a hotel room and I gave him a bomb ass head. and we finished off with him nutting inside me”

“The following morning it was those awkward “did we” and “did we wrap” and we went our separate ways”


“After three days he called me to meet up in some remote lodge to discuss something and that something was just more love making. from that day we probably met 10 more times to you know….”

somizi mhlongoMalema dismissed the allegations by saying he do no have time for gossip. “I can’t comment on something I don’t even understand”