FORMER Generations actress-turned-businesswoman and wedding planner extraordinaire, Sophie Ndaba, is an angry woman.

This after finding out many people were under the impression she had lost weight because of Herbalife products.

But it turns out Sophie has cut down on sugar and is on a low-carb lifestyle which includes exercise.

When Sunday Sun contacted Sophie, she made it clear she’s not a Herbalife ambassador.

“I’m not and never have been,” she said.

Sophie said she was shocked when different people came up to her, telling her it was nice that she had lost weight through Herbalife products.

Sophie’s pictures are used in presentations as a living testimony. She explained how her picture ended up next to the renewed brand.

She told the People’s Paper: “I was helping a client who wanted to lose weight before her wedding. She asked me to accompany her to the Herbalife offices.”

She said she can’t use herbal products because she’s a Type-2 diabetic. She said the client recommended she fills in the forms for family members so she can buy for them.


“I didn’t mind doing that,” she said.

Sophie said to her dismay, she was shocked when a lot of people, including her family members, started telling her Herbalife was working on her.

Sophie added she doesn’t think it’s the bosses that used her pictures, that it’s probably a Herbalife agent who used her pictures to sell the product.

“I can’t be preaching that people must change their eating and living lifestyle, meanwhile I’m busy promoting a product that could possibly have sugar contents and put their lives at risk,” Sophie said.

She said she wouldn’t mind endorsing the product in the future, provided it’s proven healthy by diabetic dieticians.

“I’m a brand. I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years. All brands that are professional know rules of engagement and have a responsibility to correct a rumour that flies around their brand,” she added.

One of Herbalife distributors, Linda Sebitloane, said she was under the impression Sophie was the product’s ambassador.

“Now I’m disappointed that she’s not,” said Linda.