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South Africa has become a crime and murder capital according to a United Nations report


South Africa has become a hostile democratic country since 1994 according to the UN.

Murder rate in proportion to the country’s population makes South Africa a place where you’re most likely to be murdered than die of natural courses. The numbers of murders in South Africa are higher than some of the countries that are currently at war. The worst thing is that there are a lot of cases where murders were arrested, do time and released only to commit more murders.

Crimes like hijacking, robberies and theft are rising everyday and the citizen of South Africa had question the effectiveness of their justice system time and again. According to a study on South African justice system criminals are not scared of going to jail. Out of 500 repeat offenders surveyed said they feel out-of-place when they are released back into the community and the only way for them to make some money is to go back to the life of crime.

Rape and physical abuse is also one of the biggest crimes in the country. 30% of rapes occur during robberies and house breaking. The study shows that rape in South Africa has never been low the difference between now and then is that during recent years 60% of rapes are reported, before 1994 only 19% of rapes were reported.


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According to the same study the possible cause of prevailing crimes is the leniency in sentencing. Inability of the South African government when it comes to creating jobs, The list goes on.