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South Africa becoming the first country to offer free HIV test kit to the public


Minister of health Mr Aaron Motsoaledi announced that he is going to make HIV test kits available for free to the public just like condoms.

In his long speech he mentioned that the decision was not taken by him alone and it has been in discussion for years. “We believe South Africans are ready for this, In the past few years we focused on HIV education and the importance of using condoms. Now it’s time we make it easier for sexual partners to test in the comfort of their homes”.

aaron motsoaledi

“When you meet someone at a party or a club, fell in love and you go home together to find out you have no condoms, You can test each other for HIV and from there you can only worry about other curable STIs and pregnancy”

“This kit will come with a counselling manual in all eleven official languages, We should understand that this free kit is meant for people who are ready to get tested but do not have time to go to their nearest clinics or hospitals”


“Testing someone without their concern is a criminal offense and you could face up to ten years in jail for that. Even parents are not allowed to test their children without a professional medical counselor present.

“We believe that this free kit will lead to a HIV free South Africa in 50 years if people use it. It sounds risky but the main idea is to put every infected person on medication by 2020”.

“The program is starting in two month time in Gauteng  and will be available around the country before June 2017”.