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Spur will be shutting down over 30 restaurants around the country due to slow business since the 19 March incident at Taxamo Spur, The Glen

Sooner or later a Spur near you might be shutting down because people are not eating at the restaurant like they used to.

A number of Spur restaurant franchise had run a serious loss after a video of a woman and man arguing at Taxamo spur. The restaurant executives are still puzzled as to what is causing a nose dive decline in its restaurants business.

Spur restuarent

Although there are many speculations about what is the real cause of all the trouble for one of the biggest franchise in the country, there is one specific speculation which stand out. After an incident like that and the way Spur dealt with it is highly unlikely that they could lose business.


If you were not aware of the verdict of the video and the controversy surrounding it here’s an insight. The initial video went viral on Facebook but from just that clip alone no one could tell who started the altercation, using their CCTV cameras they concluded that the gentlemen wearing the blue shirt was the one at fault and banned him from ever setting foot in any of the their restaurants nation wide.

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