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He wanted me to assure him he won’t go to jail if he resign and I said I can’t do that, that’s why he don’t wanna leave office


Cyril Ramaphosa was in Venda this past weekend and it seem like he becomes very honest and tell all when he is in Venda.

Ramaphosa was discussing his future plans with the Venda king and had a little interview session with journalists answering  all questions in Venda language.

It became interesting when people started asking when is he going to fire Jacob Zuma.


Ramaphosa said Zuma tried to corrupt him by asking him for protection because he don’t want to go to jail. “He said to me I can resign now and you take over as long as you use your power to protect me as your fellow comrade, if I go to jail it will be a shame to the ANC”

I had to decline the offer, if I go against the constitution it wouldn’t make me a better person to run this country and that could mean I could be easily manipulated into exploiting the country’s resources

“Let everyone face the consequences of their actions”