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Women missing after claiming she have pictures of over a billion rands of hard cash stashed in a underground safe in Nkandla


A 25-year-old women who worked at Jacob Zuma’s home for two years as a maid went missing after she said she had pictures of over a billion in different currencies in Nkandla.

Zanele who resigned earlier this year said she was a maid for two years and not registered. “I got the job through the internet and they promise a very good salary”. According to her she was paid no less than R18 000 per month to do regularly maid jobs around the yard but once in while she and other maids will be put under ground to clean and use hair dryers to dry dump money.

Zanele said before she started the additional job of drying and tidying money she signed a non-disclosure contract and evertime they work around the money no phones were allowed and they worked naked.

According to her she was only able to sneak in a cellphone and take a few pics on a very cold day when they complained about the cold and the guard let them wear jackets.


“Every week a bakkie brings a few duffel bags and we have to count it and pack it”. Zanele said she wanted to start a Facebook page and release the picture she took. “I have no other proof besides the pics”


Zanele was last seen in Durban after her unauthorized little news conference. Her family confirmed that she work in Nkandla for two years and she had told them about the non-disclosure contract.